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nTeny: A High-Quality Web 3D Viewer (Freeware)

nTeny is a Web 3-D plug-in player for Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 that displays Web 3D contents created using nStyler. nTeny is loaded with a high-speed rendering engine developed by nTechnology, allowing high-quality 3-D data to be instantaneously displayed from any direction in real time.

Free Web 3D Plug-in Player

  • nTeny is available to anyone at no cost for planning and reviewing designs.

Easy Conrols and Switching

  • Any viewer with nTeny installed on their computer is able to freely move and rotate 3-D models. Using nStyler or MeCanLT, developers can add interactive buttons that allow the user to begin playing animations or simultaneously switch materials, colors, background images, lighting, and models parts.

Flexible File Format

  • Displaying nTeny requires the use of two files: an *.nty and *.html file. By editing the html file, one can change the display dimensions and link to the source file with ease.

  • nTeny is compatible with Internet Explorer versions 6 and up.
  • *Not for use with other browsers.
  • Update:2011/12/20

nTeny / CAR Model


nTeny / Phone Model


nStyler3.0 Catalog (Japanese)


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