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Overview of nStyler

ES18-03.jpgRecent design trends indicate an increasing use of higher quality 3-D data. nStyler is a real-time visualization program that is compatible with various CAD software, such as Rhinoceros, SolidWorks, NX, CATIA, thinkdesign, and Pro/Engineer. By utilizing light-weight optimization tools that are implemented in the application, nStyler is capable of rendering, in real time, data of up to 10 million polygons through optimization of 3D scenes.


1. Drag & drop from various standard libraries

"Background Library 115" and "Material & Color Library 108"and "Light Library 16 " and "Primitive Model Library 16" will be implemented as standard libraries. Simply drag and drop any data of your choice from these standard libraries into the 3-D window, and easily construct a scene in an instant.
Background Library 115

Material & Color Library 108

Light Library 36

Primitive Model Library 16

2. Depth of field (camera blur effect)

Evermortion08-02-02.png Applicable to viewing the focus of a scene with a depth of field in real time view, as well as to outputting picture images. Useful for representing a sense of depth or clearly displaying the object at hand to attract the viewer’s attention.

3. Multi-light & multi-shadowing

multi-right.pngAdd up to 80 light sources to your 3-D scene, choosing from the following three types: "Parallel Light Source," "Point Light Source," and "Spotlight." With the addition of a new library set for lighting, settings for lighting can now be made easier than ever. Users are also able to select up to 24 light sources for "Multi-shadowing" to render multiple shadows in real time. Using this method allows users to create 3-D scenes with soft shading without difficulty.

4. IBL and luminescent lights with high dynamic range rendering

Evermortion08-02_300x150_01.pngnStyler is capable of rendering a background image as a High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) in real time based on the given data for a scene's luminance. Using Image-Based Lighting (IBL), the user can render images under different environments with varying degrees of brightness by selecting arbitrary values to modify the Bloom Effect, gamma value, and exposure level of the background image. Furthermore, the "star" parameter can be changed to represent lens flare—reflections of strong lighting— effects, object-based lighting, and LED-like emission of lights.

5. Real-time ray-tracing (RTRT)

RTRT_01.jpgModels provided by AppliCraft
By utilizing the GPU, nStyler performs ray-tracing operations in real time, displaying reflections and refractions among objects instantly.

*Functions only on certain graphics cards. Please check to see if your graphics card is supported below.

LinkIconView of supported graphics cards here

6. High-quality material settings with ease


Choose a suitable type of material from a total of seven materials, including "Lambert," "Phong," "Blinn," "Clearcoat," "Glass," "Metallic," and, with the new Version 2.3, "Grain." Specify further values for color, glare, and highlighting.

7. Calculated solar positioning

world_right.pngA method of defining a light source, the "Solar Positioning Calculation" gadget, makes it possible to reproduce a scene with light settings based on the solar position at a given place (preset cities and option to input latitude and longitude available) and positional changes over time.

8. Comparative view

hikaku4.pngModels provided by Tetsutaro Design
Simultaneously display multiple 3-D models in split view (available in double, triple, or quad view) in order to compare and constrast different designs and color variations side by side.

9. FlashVR

Bijou_Sato_diamond_300x150_01.pngModels provided :Bijou SatoCreate a Flash VR by choosing the number of frames in the horizontal and vertical directions. With the real-time rendering engine, output takes only an instant.

10. Web 3D (nTeny) output

nakabayashi_phone_2.jpgModels provided by TETSUTARO DESIGNnTeny is a Web 3-D plug-in player for Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 that displays Web 3D contents created using nStyler. nTeny is loaded with a high-speed rendering engine developed by nTechnology, allowing high-quality 3-D data to be instantaneously displayed from any direction in real time. Using the presets option, the user can modify the pattern and color during viewing mode.

11. Animations

Produce integrated animations by arbitrarily selecting scenes for each key frame. Key frames are displayed on a timeline, on which the user can make camera pass settings, set object motions, and switch materials and models. Finally, users can output compressed or uncompressed video files directly as well.

12. Color management

colormanagement.pngReal-time rendering can be performed in color spaces other than RGB. "sRGB" and "AdobeRGB" color models, which have a wider color range than the standard RGB model, are also available. With the inception of these color models, nStyler is capable of illustrating smooth gradients that were traditionally characterized with Moire patterns.

13. 3Dmouse / Gamepad control

3Dmouse.jpggamepad01.pngFor enhanced controls and smoother presentations, PC-supported 3Dmouse & gamepad controllers are supported by nStyler as well.
Experience walkthroughs similar to those of games.

14. JIDA Standard Digital Library(*Sold separately)

JIDA_LIBRARY_02.jpgWith an additional purchase, users can acquire "JIDA Standard Digital Library," containing 196 materials and 8 types from "JIDA Standard Sample 1, 2," developed under the supervision of JIDA (Japan Industrial Designers' Association).

15. NVIDIA Stereo 3D Option (*Additional Purchase Necessary)

This option provides a three-dimensional view and is supported by "NVIDIA 3D VISION" (a time-sharing 3-D viewing system with Infrared Shutter Release), compatible with DirectX. Users can experience a true 3-D experience combined with nStyler's high-quality display

16. BRDF/CI-Navigator Option (*Additional Purchase Necessary)

nStylerBRDF1.pngThe BRDF/CI-Navigator option allows the user to perform real-time rendering and color simulations based on 3DCAD data and color samples measured by a spectrophotometer. Rendering is made possible by using the collected measurements and calculating the incidence and reflectivity with the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF)

17. PC Cluster - multi screen environment (*Additional Purchase Necessary)

Uses multiple computers to display on oversize or multiple screens. By using this environment, users can display nStyler data identically or separately on every computer on the network.

nStyler3.0 Catalog (Japanese)


View of supported graphics cards