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JIDA Standard Digital Library

*Note:Digital data for sale; does not contain physical samples. For the actual text version of "JIDA STANDARD SAMPLES," please see the JIDA website.

Compiled under the supervision of Japan Industrial Designers' Association (JIDA), the "JIDA Standard Sample 1, 2" contains 8 types of materials and 196 patterns in total types from such as "Grain," "Milky White," "Gloss," and "Hairline," are available for use with nStyler.

■Materials Contained:(196 patterns)
・Grain:(Black,White,Transparent) /60 types
・Milky White:(Gloss,Grain)/18 types
・Smoke:(Gloss,Grain)/18 types
・Metal Plating:(Gloss,Hairline,Grain)/30 types
・Metal Matting:(Gloss,Hairline,Grain)/30 types
・Metallic:(Gloss,Grain)/20 types
・Pearl:(Gloss,Grain)/10 types
・Half-mirror:(Gloss,Grain)/10 types

■Price: 21,000 yen (Tax included)