FlashVR: A Highly-Compatible Rotating Player

With Adobe Flash Player, the user can also display video files that show a 360-degree view in all directions. Choose the number of frames in the horizontal and vertical directions and easily output FlashVR data.

Compatible and Reliable

  • Because Adobe Flash Player is virtually installed in almost every modern-day computer, it makes FlashVR available for use anywhere one can imagine. Image rendering is simply done by using the CPU and main memory; therefore, even PCs without a graphics card can display high-quality images.


  • With FlashVR, anyone viewing the 3D model can move it both horizontally and vertically as you please.

  • In order to view FlashVR, Adobe Flash Player must be installed.

FlashVR / Jewelry Model

Bijou Sato_2.jpg

FlashVR / Car Model


nStyler3.0 Catalog (Japanese)


View of supported graphics cards