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NVIDIA Stereo 3D Option (*Additional Purchase Necessary)

NVIDIA_Geforce_3D_Vision.png【Standard Package Contents】

● nStyler Stereo 3D Output Funtion
● Samsung® SyncMaster 2233RZ LCD Monitor
● Wireless LCD Visor
● Infrared Emitter

LinkIconNVIDIA GeForce 3D VISION - detailed description

This option provides a three-dimensional view and is supported by "NVIDIA 3D VISION" (a time-sharing 3-D viewing system with Infrared Shutter Release), compatible with DirectX. Users can experience a true 3-D experience combined with nStyler's high-quality display.

PC Cluster - multi screen environment (*Additional Purchase Necessary)

Uses multiple computers to display on oversize or multiple screens. By using this environment, users can display nStyler data identically or separately on every computer on the network.

■Detailed description
A control computer and multiple rendering computers must be linked through the same Local Area Network (LAN). Each time an operation is made on the control PC, the corresponding data that contains relevant camera and rendering information is sent to the rendering PCs.

■View Genlock
Based on the received data, each rendering machine renders in real time. At this moment, due to differences in data loads to each computer, the system will make sure that the control PC and rendering PCs will be synchronized.

■Polarized 3D System
In addition, by using 3 PCs (one control PC and one PC each for left and right-eye vision), it is possible to output parallactic (for 3D vision) images as well.
*3-D output using Infrared Shutter Release is not supported by the Cluster system.

*Please contact us for any details regarding the projector, screentype, and 3-D view.

BRDF/CI-Navigator Option (*Additional Purchase Necessary)

The BRDF/CI-Navigator option allows the user to perform real-time rendering and color simulations based on 3DCAD data and color samples measured by a spectrophotometer. Rendering is made possible by using the collected measurements and calculating the incidence and reflectivity with the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF)

CI-navi_sensor2.png■Color Sampling
● Measure color samples with a spectrophotometer
■Spectrophotometer (X-Rite, KONICA MINOLTA,BYK-mac)
● X-Rite's "MA68 II"& "MA98" is capable of up to five simultaneous angle measurements
● The "CM-512m3" by KONICA MINOLTA is able to simultaneously measure in three directions (25, 45, 75 degrees). For product specifications, please see their websites.
● BYK-mac

Traditional color samples can be converted to digital data for enhanced color management. Quick and easy color measurements, paint combinations, and BRDF data outputs can be made.

Output BRDF data and render CAD data in real time. Easily preview light-source positions and update background data.

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